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This website belongs to the SSCA Mission. SSCA stands for "Stop State Child Abuse" and was founded on the 15th of April 2013. The SSCA - Stop State Child Abuse is a Worldwide Internet Mission advocating Juvenile Justice Reform. We work with the Advocates for Abandoned Adolescents and other Groups or Individuals who share our values and convictions.

The SSCA was founded in order to help all children and teenagers - worldwide - who suffer in adult prisons, solitary confinement, death row, etc. We love and want to help them all, no matter what crime they have committed, we believe that all Juveniles should be helped with love, therapy, restorative practices, counseling, education, support, mental health care, etc. We know that all people can make serious mistakes, imagine the impulsive youngster... We believe in the power of forgiveness.

If your heart cries out for these children and young people join us.

We need you!



SSCA Mission



Our Mission aims to END:

  • Charging, trying, sentencing Juveniles as Adults.
  • Sending Juveniles to Adult Jails or Prisons.
  • Life in Prison Without Parole for Juvenile Offenders.
  • Solitary Confinement.
  • Torture.
  • The Death Penalty.

Our Mission ADVOCATES:

  • Restorative Justice.
  • Rehabilitation instead of Punishment.
  • Education, Treatment and Therapy of Young Offenders.
  • Humane Juvenile Rehabilitation Facilities created for the needs of Juveniles.
  • Educating the Public on matters of Juvenile Justice.

Our Mission:

  • Advocates for individual Young Offenders.
  • Shares News, Articles, Views on the subject.
  • Works with like minded individuals and Organizations on a worldwide level.